The Baptist College International
- A Distinctively Christian College
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Our philosophy is based on 2 Timothy 2:2

"Building servant leaders who will skillfully and effectively train others."

Mission statement

Our purpose is to provide excellence in Christ-centered education for the effective training of Christian leaders, who will in turn, train others.


To educate servant-leaders to develop a passion to become Christlike, be skillful in using God's Word and work effectively with people in order to fulfill the Great Commission in making disciples of people from all nations

What others say about TBCI

I would not hesitate to have my children from the USA attend if they were college age. It would be my first choice in Christian education if I were a parent of a student anywhere in Europe.

Dr. Jim Preston - Pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church Moreno Valley, California and Professor at West Coast Baptist College.

I received joyfully the news of the restarting of the Bible college in Costeiu. This school is a good place for training to anybody who wants to study in order to serve in the local church.

Balaciu Viorel - Pastor at Adunarea Baptistă Independentă Maranatha Ștei, România.

It’s a great and blessed achievement when the commission that was given to the Apostles is well understood by their followers up to our days. The ministry of The Baptist College International in Costeiu…a ministry that we salute, support and encourage.

Ilie Mondoc - Pastor at Biserica Baptistă Independetă Filadelfia Rm-Vâlcea, România.

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